Times revisited!!

Out of the very few who keep a journal along, I had been writing since I was a kid. My first diary was a gift to me by my grandfather, my Nanu who had told me “Relive your moments with this. Your beautiful days would help you in despair and your mistakes would help you remember that you grow into a better person every day.”
From that day on I had written every moment that had touched my heart.I had talked to myself, to the almighty and to the dearest people within that journal. Today when I look back at it, having a specific date in my mind , 14th September 2010, the day I started my engineering .
Of all those things that I would have hated in my life, this stream was one of them.I would have never wanted to be part of this.But as fate says , never say never ! Electronics and Communication happened. Yes, this actually happened.
Like normal people of my age I was least excited to enter into this building. Right from the moment I entered the place, it seemed to be a dungeon where it would never occur to a student that’s for your better life ! I never put that much faith into this place. The campus ended right the moment it started. The hostel was something where I cried relentlessly for the first six months. I could relive every moment of despair reasons being through my journal. I could even make out for the teardrops, blotting the ink on some pages. I had lived those moments. Today when I look back at those times, I feel how impossible it was to me, to adapt to thing that was the most important- Change. Something that I dreaded in my life. I look back to those times where I came to everything almost new, where strangers became my biggest support and the ones I knew so well taught me lessons I’ll never forget. I went through the biggest ups and downs in friendships,cried for people and smiled with those who were there. I made so many friends I’ll never forget and I made so many enemies who will never forget me, maybe. I met some gem of people who made me realise that even in the dump yards there are some really genuine presents.It’s just a matter of adaptability.
Today I can picture all those moments where some completely misunderstood me and some went beyond my own levels of understanding. I am surprised how I could make some indispensable friends, those I would never find anywhere.
I read those so many times, I whined about my subjects. Being a topper in my school it was almost impossible for me to realise I was just an average in the field I had entered. At times, I almost thought of quitting and falling down with those low marks. But then there were my really supportive parents and my roomies who told me I was better than this. Along the years, I realised that there would be so much I wouldn’t be good at but that’s how one has to learn. You have to believe in yourself , always , no matter how hard things get. And, I finally started liking my own stream.
The four years of my life put me through the greatest of times and the harshest of realities.But in the end, it made me who I am today.It has made me what I’d be tomorrow. A graduate with a nice job and an endless experience of how life can get.
I laugh back at those times when I almost thought I was gone, and how happy I would be leaving this place. As of now,I am still happy but with no grudges and no regrets.In the end, it has made me a positive person with a lot of lessons.I am proud that this place gave me everything.I made mistakes,a whole lot of them,but I learnt. I made decisions about my life,some wrong and some right. I made moments where I have laughed to the core and made really great friends. I made peace and I also made wars and got hurt sometimes. I hurt some people too,and I am truly sorry to those whom , I may have been unintentionally hurtful to ! But in the end, I thank every single person who came and made me learn. Because that’s what it was all about – Learning. Not just about computers and some bunch of current carrying semiconductors,which we probably never learnt, but it was way higher than this. It was life . It was loss and gains. It was relationships that meant. Our parents who we value now more than before. The importance of food. The value of money, and the satisfaction of being independent.It was all about the existence of our beautiful cities that we missed,our homes.The happiness of a weekend.
In the end,It has been a beautiful experience and Today I know, what a better life lies inside those gates,that I feared entering some four years back.

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