Ten Things To Remember When You Finish High School


High school has almost ended and many youngsters are busy answering questions regarding what plans they have for their future? While many in my country would be busy fighting for the biggest ranks in IIT and PMT, there would be still some like me and you who have no idea what they are going to do.
Even if you know what you want to do, there are chances you might not bag the top ranks, thanks to the ever growing population in India. So, if we look at the statistics and the number of available seats, any blind would know the chances of making a promising career in this country through becoming an engineer or a doctor alone.
So here, I have finally decided to write out some fine things, which I wish from the core of my heart, had I been given I would have been at a much better place than right now, or at least reached this place with a lot less struggle and effort.

Here I am giving you a check list of some very basic things to ponder, before you fill that application form or enroll in the course and save you the regret and disdain you might find yourself years later.

1. Accept the fact that this is the most important decision and phase of your life

Many of us actually do not realize how important this particular time is to our whole life. The decision you would make now will very much influence your next 40 years at least. Once you have got a degree name punched on your face, it is very difficult to change your career line.
I won’t say there is no looking back but yes you might loose pace with the growth curve of your peers, if you make some weird turns later.
So, keep in mind the severity of this decision and go ahead.

2. Don’t look at your mark sheets, look back at your hobbies.

Personally, there are many in my own circle who would disagree with me on this. But I would keep a firm stand. There is a lot more to your whole personality and interests than your mark sheets. Just badging a few stars in biology doesn’t guarantee you would love being a doctor. Similarly, sucking at mathematics doesn’t mean you should pick arts just like that.
Talk to your parents and ask them the stuff you enjoyed most during your childhood, in case you have a bad memory. Most of the times, the answer would be instantaneous, right there in front of you. Pick that answer and google how to make it your profession.

3. Stop listening to your relatives and random Uncles and Aunts

Seriously, they are not the ones who would pay for your course. They won’t be the ones who would have to study that you don’t enjoy at all. In any case, you are never going to hand over your salary to them. OS stop listening to people, take advices from really genuine people if you want.
I would even suggest online career counsellors over relatives.
These days, many big institutions have random checking tests to tell you whether you have a creative or an analytical mind. I wish we had these back then.

4. Your profession should be what you love, not what earns the most

I have been talking to a lot of youngsters regarding their career plans. What is most amazing is how we have programmed them to filter out career options as per the annual salary they would be getting. Guys, every career has a range. There are doctors who earn lacs a day and many who don’t have a job. Similarly, an artist might be a millionaire or unemployed. Choose your profession with utmost care. What you enjoy and what you are good at will definitely pay you more. Otherwise, you would just be another rat in the universal experiment of who’s the biggest fool.

5. Success follows once you follow your dreams

There are many budding talents out there who already know what they dream for. Be it music, art, dance or anything they have chosen what soothes their soul. You are the people who need to walk alone. You have a dream, go follow that and success will one day definitely hug you back.

6. Parents would trust you when you trust yourself

I hear this a lot, that parents don’t let their kids choose their careers. Kids, they want you to succeed in life and be happy. The only thing that makes them choose for you is your inability to instill faith in them. All you need to do is make sure they trust you and your confidence that you are meant for what you are struggling.

7. Check for the best institutes in your area of work
Now comes the big part. When you need to achieve perfection and skill in your desired field, you must know the right temple to get your Prasad from. Thanks to the social media, we have great sources to know the best colleges and universities. You must choose these with great vigilance and know how. Check with the alumni of the college and see how they have made in life, It would give you a clear picture of your exit options once you get your degree from that place.

8. Go through the curriculum of your course

Once you have decided what you want to pursuit in your higher studies, go through the curriculum of the course on your own. Get the books downloaded, read through them and the papers published to see if you really wanted to learn all that.
This system is very much prevalent in UK, but unfortunately here it is our own business.
Going through the syllabus before hand would make you more clear of what is ahead and give you enough space to change your decision if you want.

9. Engineering is a lot more than a single word

This is specially for the aspiring engineers of India. When you are doing non medical, you have no idea what you are going to be in the next five years. Most of the times, engineers pursuit a degree in one genre and work in something completely irrelevant to that. This makes them know everything but nothing in specific, leading to a lot of frustration.
Don’t let the MNC’s take control on your resume. Research from day one about which field you want to do and where you finally want to go.
It is better to drive your own car than let other take control one day or the other.

10. There is lot more to life than making money

It doesn’t take me become a rich entrepreneur to say this, I won’t say money is not important, but don’t let people make it oxygen for you. You need money to enjoy the perks of life, not to live actually. So make a decision on many other factors rather than only the amount of bucks you’ll earn.
There is no point in minting coins if you are not enjoying your life.

So, all said, I hope these basic points let you monitor your career decisions the right way and save you from the horror in the coming years.
Wishing you all the very best for your coming years of hard work and success.

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