The Suitcase

Packed in red,With all my love,Tears and smiles,

I am the suitcase that travels time with me.
It takes me to hell,where I am all alone,
It takes me away to places that are unknown….
I pack my stuff and here I am ready,
experiences,knowledge,Art that travels with me,
i am the suitcase that takes me away..
to places that scare me,away from home,
Here I lie,With dreams ahead of me,
They are costly,Demand much more,
than this suitcase has for me,
Clothes that dont matter anymore,I pack and unpack
and here I go
It takes me to times,Where I hv cried all alone,
It takes me to places where I try to laugh,
For they tell me this suitcase will one day
make me what all have achieved,My people So proud,
I have nothing with me but this suitcase,
That takes me nowhere but away and away,
for Destinations never matter now,
Its often the place that I leave that makes me cry.
It takes me away from My mom so true,
From her lap,away I go,,
With this suitcase that she packs with a cake,
For Mama,I dont want to eat sugar iTs all  poison out there.
I have nothing but this suitcase,
thats filled with gifts,Full nd flowing
For people who dont even care,Who are just there and will be,
This suitcase that You all have given me.
It takes me away from home,
Oh yes,A home thats not even there,
For I am just this one suitcase.
That now lies beside me.
For air tickets define me,Yes I am a big girl
As now I own this suitcase,To show and swirl
For they are so happy back home
That I am now flying with colors that are bright to them
Darkness in me resides
I have now nothing but this suitcase
That holds all of me,
In numbered days for heaven and countless for the evil
I have nothing but this suitcase,Lying beside me……

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