The Journey

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Part One

It had been almost an hour since I was waiting for the bus. I was pissed off as it was extremely cold and I was late for my class at ten.And it was a serious issue since my class was some hundred kilometres away from me.Of all the times I had travelled from my place to my prestigious university from the past four years(I had almost graduated),this was one of the rarest days where I was stringed on the road for almost an hour without a single Bus pitying on me and letting me hop on.
A bus approached and I almost jumped waving my hand much to the surprise of the other standing around me on the highway.But the driver, uhh,he almost ignored me on my face.!!!I could notice the people kind of noticing me head to toe as to how desperate I seemed now.But well I was not one of that kind who would give a damn.
It was a fresh arrival of the winters, start of November and I could feel the chill in the morning.The sun was almost ablaze and the sky seemed Red as fire.I could stare at the sun eye to eye….perhaps this was the only time I could do that.Mr Sun would not let anybody dare do that after another thirty minutes.I almost missed another Bus.
To my dismay, I tried to console myself and sat on my trolley preparing myself to wait for another one.I decided to look around.There was a group of ladies waiting for their buses to take them to their schools.Every inch of them announced that they were government employees.Simple suits with heavy salwar and, of course, sports shoes.Perhaps the only place from where you could make out that they earned hell well was the brand of those shoes they all wore. Nowhere else was it visible that they almost had the maximum share of state’s government’s treasures!!!!Well, no offence!!I knew my own Mom was one of those.But I never saw her with the sports shoes.
Then I could notice some young guys who had it written on their faces that they would probably sleep all day.I almost shuddered at the thought of how they could be the future engineers or doctors. Our country was in hell lot of danger.I could look at myself too, as I knew I had a formal exam and I didn’t care a bit about it. Probably because it was my final year.
My personality analysis and criticism about my surroundings were interrupted by a distant horn.I could make out from here that it was a bright red Mercedes Benz.The majestic bus paved its way through the traffic and glided on the road.I had no expectation that this one would even look at me when the local ones didn’t!!But still I made a move, a fatal one.To my surprise, it almost stopped in front of me.
Now that’s how life is….this was a moment.When we spend time cribbing about the moments where we lose things, that’s because probably we deserve better ones.You wait….and you get what you want.!!
Anyways, I almost entered the bus with my bag and a trolley.It’s a big ordeal to almost stop a bus mid-way and get inside with all your stuff keeping pace with the drivers level of the impatience without getting a knee hurt.I did it, I was habitual now.
As usual by the time I took all my stuff in my hands to move and find myself a seat, as expected the whole bus is looking at you, like you’re some zombie they’ve never seen.
The only seat that was available was seat 21. And a window seat for which I was so happy.It was more than I had expected.I moved closer to the seat to see a guy probably mid 20’s sitting next to the vacant seat.

The guy was definitely a Punjabi I could make that from his whole persona and definitely a decent one because he was dressed too well for the journey.Wearing a suit and listening to some music on his phone I thought he was probably going for some interview.
I went and stood next to him waiting for him to get up so that I could take my seat that He surely didn’t want.He looked up at me and in a way he did not even look at me.Ohhh.
Girls in Punjab aren’t used to that mostly.Perhaps it made me think good of him, Thank god I was sitting next to a good person.
I took my seat and he helped me keep my bags at places and went back to watching the videos on his phone.He had loads of perfume on because I could smell it right sitting there.
I looked outside and wasn’t much interested in the landscapes.I was now used to that road and decided to read my book.I fiddled in my bag for my book and meanwhile checked him out. He wore a suit and properly shining shoes with crisp white socks.Either this guy has an interview or he has some real good post at some company.
“But no..he is watching a video so can’t be an interview.” I thought to myself.
it was almost an hour since I had been sitting there and sometimes when he smiled back at me I smiled at him in response.He never asked me a question.Why would he? we were two complete strangers who were just meant to travel together and bought here on two adjacent seats by fate.
Sometimes when he shifted in his seat I could sneak through and see him trying to read the Title of my book.But then again he would go back to his phone. A part of me wanted to ask him why was he so well dressed and how did it feel to be so gorgeously good looking But then I snapped that part right here.I had never been into guys.This one had no interest in me and that was probably the only thing making me want to talk to him.I just wanted to talk to him. Like just talk in a good sense nothing more than that.Talk about the day, about the bus l, talk about people who were midway dreams, Anything.
Perhaps curiosity was everything.He was a complete stranger and it felt better that way.
I took out my journal and started writing into it about that.That was the only way I could distract myself.But amidst that I always found myself making conversations with him in my brain.
What would it be if he asked me “Which book are you reading??”That was the only way guys would start a conversation with you if they found you reading.And then how he would say he has or hasn’t read that Book and How conversation would start up based on that Book!!
I thought of him asking me my name and Then he would ask me what Krushaa meant.Everybody does that.I was habitual of explaining my name to people because it’s a rare name.I felt proud as if a owned something people haven’t usually heard of.That gave me value.
I though what I would say if he would ask me about my graduation.What if this morning could change my life forever.??
What if ten years from now I would recall this bus with this guy?I was definitely mad.

I made a slight shift so that I could get another sight of him and see what he was doing.He looked engrossed in his phone with music on and was constantly typing something into his phone.I could see in his big screen that he wasn’t texting.It was as if he was writing something.He again looked up at me and our eyes met.
For that one instance I thought he would talk but it ended up in both of us smiling at each other and then taking our faces back to where they were.
I knew my all hopes are gone.Perhaps I should say a Hi???No, not at all.He is just a stranger.
My college was almost on the road and it was just five minutes from here now.
I got up with all lost hopes and started to pack my book and the journal back in my bag.I took my handbag lying next to me and looked at him with confused eyes.
He looked back at me shockingly and I could see him not expecting that I would get down this early.He moved and got up from his seat to make way from me and helped me with my bags.A gentleman.
I got up from the bus and he looked at me through the window as the Bus passed by me.He had been sitting on my seat now.
I just looked away and started walking towards my college gate.

On the gate when I was about to take out my Id for the gateman I saw a white paper folded in it with smiley drawn on it.
With a dumb face, I opened it.

“Hi..I think it’s not a great book to read.The writer’s girlfriend dies in the end and he falls in love again with another girl in his next book.
You could go for a better book.Perhaps write one on your own.You have a beautiful handwriting and You write well.
Read the first few lines…Sorry.Rehaan”
And then were ten beautifully carved numerals below.
I kept looking at the number.The whole day I kept staring at those ten digits.
I could never make a call.
It’s been six months and I still look at the number, but I could never call.
I never called.

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