6 Months


She rushed to catch bus as she ignored the name that blared on her phone. Yes, he was calling her for the fifth time now, perhaps to make sure she was finally meeting him. She asked the driver if this went to the City Mall, and hastily jumped upon seeing a gloomy nod. She knew […]

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Procrastinating Happiness


I had always been wondering what I would do with my first full fledged salary, once I get into the field of professional writing. I had been putting thoughts into the whole struggle being finally wrapped up in numbers. Had I always been this money minded? Perhaps No. Then from where had this all ‘X’ […]

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You meet them,talk to them,work with them, Sometimes laugh in the parties together, Or cry in your miseries on their shoulders, They are there when times are good, They are around when god isn’t that happy, But not to soothe or make it go away, They are there to see you be. You go out […]

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