You meet them,talk to them,work with them,
Sometimes laugh in the parties together,
Or cry in your miseries on their shoulders,
They are there when times are good,
They are around when god isn’t that happy,
But not to soothe or make it go away,
They are there to see you be.

You go out with them,you label them,
Friends,’kith and kins’, so much more,
In the tags and likes; invites and shares,
They surround your world, they rule your souls.
You dress up for them, you change for them,
They control your failures and success as well.

You often fight with them,have a grudge for long,
You tell them they’re mean and they might prove you wrong,
They bring flowers in times of sickness, chocolates and what not,
They get the gifts on birthdays and weddings all along,
They are there, when you loose your love,
They are there when you get another one.

You call them up when you’re bored,
They hang out with you when they’re bored,
You think of them as infinite presence,
You take them as permanent,investment of every second,
They are with you, because they are you,
You are with them because you are them!

But let me be frank,this all is false,
For each one is a stranger to you;
Yes, strangers they are all,
Strangers we are all.
With faces familiar,they are no right or wrong

They are just people you know,Yet unknown
Strangers they are all.
Yes,you live with them,trying to get what they are,
Yet they will be what they are-a mystery to solve.
They are unexplainable, They are humans.
Humans in the world that has none left in it.

You are all alone,you think they are there,
In your mind,they are your world;
But let me tell you,for you’ve got it all wrong,
They are strangers in disguise of a familiar heart.
One day, the mask will fall,with nothing but;
someone you never knew-A Stranger.

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