Endless Apologies


Once upon a time that we fell in love,
That time when fondness had just bloomed,
My smiles made your day, You being around was the ‘miracle’,
Can you be sorry for that time?

What all would we apologise for,
For the endless nights you listened to me,
The ‘forever’ that we thought had just begun,
The intimate texts that never worried about the rising sun,
The conversation that happened in the middle of nowhere.

Can you apologise for the promises that you made,
That you accept me the way I am and will always;
With my differences and indifferences,
With my patience and rudeness.

How can I apologise to you,
For all the times I said I’ll stand by you,
No matter what you chose and do,
I would swear by you; being the wall,
That stands behind the desk of every star.

Can I say sorry for the distance that the city has carved,
For the dates that are still planned in the back of my journal,
For the flowers I had once decided to send to you,
For that cup of coffee still brewing in the kettle, waiting for us to come home.

How much would you apologise,
For the love that is nowhere around,
Behind the laundry, over the cooking that’s pending.
The meagre weekends that I spend breathing,
Our legal bond remains signed somewhere around.

Can we apologise to the coming days,
For we both have not kept our words,
We are busy dreaming our individual dreams,
While you strive to keep me happy, I cry back to sleep every night,
We are dying everyday to survive for our names.

Can you apologise for all the times you couldn’t pick me up,
You were stuck, and we are stuck.
For the dresses I wear and you no more notice?
Can I apologise for the hundred times I shouted back,
When all it required was a silent smile.

No, just listen to me, Can you be sorry?
As my idea of love keeps tasting failure,
For the box of love still lies empty,
How can I withdraw when we put just a few seconds in it,
Can we carry on with memories that keeps rotting?

An Endless Apology

Can I apologise for the photos deleted,
That remind me of a faded memory,
The day that got us together has become a date,
I fear, we would forget it happened.

Those times when I looked at you,
And you looked at me,with the same answer.
No,Can we say sorry and get us back?
And live a life where Love and We coexist?

How much will we apologise?
How much will we be sorry?
Is it a mistake that was once made,
Or has the mistake yet to be made?

Can you be sorry for the Love that you bought?
Can I be sorry for the feelings all gone.
Can the city be sorry for what it has done,
Can our jobs be sorry for what all that’s begun?

Can they be sorry for misguiding me,
The one who write the stories of infinite Love.
Yes, they should be sorry who told me,
Binding you would get me your love.

Love had left us that very day,
When all the people in the dipped in the same love,
Had given our hands to hold forever,
Love had fled through that very handshake.

Tell me, for I need to know,
Tell me, for I am very sorry.
To promise you love that I cannot keep,
To wish there were no more tears to weep.

Can we be sorry and start again?
Or maybe apologise and forget the pain.
Can you be sorry, and fade away.
Or are we stuck to be sorry forever from this day.

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