IT through my Lens

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Disclaimer!!!! For those of us who are nerds,extremely technical minded,Highly skilled coders,professionals,IT aspirants or currently working in IT and are in love with it,This is Not the right article for you.!Please go back and Code or solve tickets or take calls or make calls!!! This is not against the IT world,Its just about how I […]

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Mom I’m You.

mothers love

When I came home,And I could see you there Still I cribbed For you made  Food I didn’t like. When I used to come after a day hanging out And telling you I was tired,You Would give me a cup of tea maybe, Not once telling me You were tired as well. When I had […]

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The Suitcase


Packed in red,With all my love,Tears and smiles, I am the suitcase that travels time with me. It takes me to hell,where I am all alone, It takes me away to places that are unknown…. I pack my stuff and here I am ready, experiences,knowledge,Art that travels with me, i am the suitcase that takes […]

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Lost Things

lost things

Recently I have joined my new Job in an MNC.It has been my first job.When I got my  first salary there were inummerable things I had thought of buying for myself.There could be new clothes or accessories,A watch maybe.And then one day I found what was best suited.There behind those crystal clear mirrors underneath the […]

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Just Human.

They call her a thinker, She doesnt think,she just feels. When something hurts,she winces. when somethings soothens,She smiles. She is not a thinker,She’s human. they call her a poet,Sometimes. She doesn’t weave verses. She just puts her silence into words. The ones that are sung by all, danced upon,cried along,but never heard. She aint a […]

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I want…

I want to forget the day went by I want to forget the dreams that lie I want to go away from evrything around I want to b dumb nd deaf to the sound Besides,I just want to go back to sleep. I just want to go back to my dreams. I want to stay […]

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The middle of the night is for those who cant sleep. When You speak and God listens. Midnight is for the ones Who will never be heard. For the thoughts that will never be words. Midnight is for the lost ones who seek a path. Its for the ones who want to dream but dont […]

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Mumbai Talk to me.

Mumbai….The city that never sleeps,And yet is the city of dreams. Unfulifilled or fulfilled,Some owe their lives to you ..while others Still have hopes from you when I see them breathing lives In the miniscule units of slums that surround most of your sub urban areas. I heard about you when I was a kid…Mostly […]

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Is She Safe??

With Last new year being filled up with echoes of Nirbhaya’s cries and screams,This new year still remains the same. For the world outside it may be a year ahead…A new year.The representative of time..that it goes on and brings progress and development.Yet to me It seems my country is nowhere into a mood to […]

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Do we deserve to Vote?

Hindustan is derived from the Modern persian word Hindu. In Old Persian, the region beyond the Indus River was referred to as Hindu (the Iranian equivalent of Sanskrit word-Sindhu, hence Modern Persian Hind, Hindu. This combined with the Iranian suffix -Stan results in Hindustan. In its current usage in India, the term ‘Hindustani’ or in […]

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