You meet them,talk to them,work with them, Sometimes laugh in the parties together, Or cry in your miseries on their shoulders, They are there when times are good, They are around when god isn’t that happy, But not to soothe or make it go away, They are there to see you be. You go out […]

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My battle with Solitude


I have had swollen eyes, teary face and a headache that keeps coming and going back to sleep. Sleep was my friend but that also has been moody and temperamental. The devils kept visiting me. They could find me anywhere and at any place. I could never be smart with them. I met people, trying […]

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The Journey

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  Part One Krushaa It had been almost an hour since I was waiting for the bus. I was pissed off as it was extremely cold and I was late for my class at ten.And it was a serious issue since my class was some hundred kilometres away from me.Of all the times I had […]

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Daddy’s Daughter


  She was the first one to make him ‘Daddy’, His daughter,petite and frail, Little did she know the world outside, Was not happy for her to breathe her part of the air, She had no whims, all bliss, For she was the child to her mother, What if, Daddy didn’t come to see her, […]

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  It had been one of those terrible days-A day where everything from the start was going wrong.I had ended up waking up late,broken a glass,hurt myself,had a fight at home and been late at work too.It had been difficult there too.I had spent nights understanding stuff and making a presentation on stuff that didn’t […]

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Do you Love the work you do???


Do you Love the work you do??? My certificates beemed at me as I sat for the last company that had come to hire us. Being from an electronics stream,There were not many electronics companies coming for On campus Placements and since I have been educated in India,We are one lot of very cooperative people.We […]

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Missing in Me


The sun rises daily and waves at me, Even the rain pours at me whenever it feels, The night comes by like it used to be, But still there is something that is missing in me…. I have the same soul that makes me-Me, The eyes I am lucky,they still know how to see, I […]

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