Mumbai Talk to me.

Mumbai….The city that never sleeps,And yet is the city of dreams.
Unfulifilled or fulfilled,Some owe their lives to you ..while others Still have hopes from you when I see them breathing lives In the miniscule units of slums that surround most of your sub urban areas.
I heard about you when I was a kid…Mostly because you are the hometown to movies and Tv stars that I had been watching since I was a kid.Infact to me you had always been glamour,A vicious mirage that people our age would end up trusting on and would be really happy to have been invited by you.
When I came to know that you are the place my life takes me to know,I genuinely was scared of you.Scared that you are The city from where most of our economic development takes place in our country,Which would mean you understand one language-Money.
Scared that You would be full of struggle and hard work…With minimal scope that People would actually be something.Scared that those who do become something in your lap never go back home.
Yes I was scared of you…Who isnt scared.
For they say.. If you are scared,You are taking chances.And if you are taking chances You are on the right path.
So I took my chance and Landed in ur heart.
The first thing I noticed was The high rise buildings that made me feel too small.
The whole existence of people being around is diminshed on the roads.
Even with so much of population…Its the concrete monsters that just dont skip out of you vision for even a second.
I see apartments and societies with every floor with atleast four different homes.These homesĀ  contain in them different people from various parts…Some of them native and some from other states.
In each of the cells dwells a unique life.
I an surprised how a single building contains so much diversity.
You can smell differnt foods all at the same time.
The funny part is…So many people live in one single space rising towrds the sky..and yet Evry time I walk down the stairs or take a lift…I see no face familiar.
People dont even know who lives next to their flat.
They call it a society yet Each home is a home within itself.People are so busy in making a life that they actually have just no human connection with each other.
Ofcourse except the Ocassional smiles and Hellos.
Despite the fact that we all belong to various parts of the world,mostly India, Mumbai I actually see people wid different languages values and Foods all around me.People are good to talk to…..The urge to talk to someone is visble through the eyes since here…nobdy has time.
In the quest of home rents(that can never be called a home),Family responsiblities,or Sheer struggle for commiting the crime of dreaming….You have people who are just accustomed to follow the basicĀ  rules.
People are living a life without souls.I sometimes wonder what would they do with so much money even if they manage to do get that,When there is not a second to stop.
Since you have evrything in utter random movement.
I stop for a second and all I see is…People moving from here and there in random molecular motion,Traffic whooshing around me like a bullet.
Where do they go?Do they eventually reach their destinations?Mumbai you are always on the move.
Some die..Some fail.Some may get tired of you,But you never stop.You just move forward…Waiting for nobody.
You are really fast.Everday I have no clue how am I going to get to the other end of the road.
You never sleep.From the balcony of my place I sometimes look at you.Lightened up at night.Not a single place That i see sleeping.Maybe that is what makes you …You.
There is alot of stuff one can do here.
Alot of malls and beaches,And the locales are full of options.
Yet I see an eeire loneliness in evry single
soul here.We are all living but inside we all are dying of our never ending quests.
We are tired…..So tired since you just dont let us stop.
I love the beauties that you withold at Marine Drive…where I can see the Sun taking a dip in to the sea.Yet I cant find much time to sit there and Read a book.
It takes alot of effort to reach from one place to another.
The locals that you have are one hell of an adventure.I am constantly amazed by the life you have here for us.

I see So much in you…Festivities on their way.People trying to celebrate every single cause..So that its an escape from the evry day monotony that they have to go through.
The vibrant culture that evry one brings in here with themselves,a part of their states so that they can feel home makes you a hetrogenous place full of new delicacies.
Everybody is different here…yet we all are somewhere in the same boat.Away from our homes.

You are always lit up with extensive lights and nowhere even in the middle of the night I can see a desolate dark you.
Maybe Its your only resort of hiding the darkness that is you do contain somewhere….In those chawls and slums that lie almost evrywhere.
For behind the lights is a life as dark as the void….And nobody wants to see that part of yours.There are the places that are never talked of or will never be,For you have always maintained the image of glamour and endevour.

Mumbai,You have given me a place to start.And For that I am thankful to you.But in a way you have been a struggle evry day be it reaching my workplace or even for a movie that We rarely get time to go for.
Inside you…are endless souls trying to get what they came here for….Yet I see it somewhere..The truth that you hold that its one of the most difficult tasks to survive within you.
The winners are those who accept all your harsh whips evryday with a vibrant smile for its the corporate world…Thats What they all say.
You hold them in your hands.
Its upon you if they reach places on time or another day of missing the bus.

At last,I may nt say I have liked you for I come from a place where people exist and they actually live….But I do know You will be the most integral part in the foundation for the high rise skyscraper That I am going to build out of my life.

Thank You….And may you live as long as eternity and be this so incredible city in making people make something out of their lives.

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