Mom I’m You.

mothers love
When I came home,And I could see you there
Still I cribbed For you made  Food I didn’t like.
When I used to come after a day hanging out
And telling you I was tired,You Would give me a cup of tea maybe,
Not once telling me You were tired as well.
When I had plans of going out with you.
And I never let you have a nap of an hour,
Cz I was always ready with this answer..
“You work and U dont give me time.”
All those endless times that I fought with you on the stupidest of topics
All the times you ran after me to finish that last bite.
When you fought relentlessly wid dad taking my side.
When you just let me fly anywhere Not letting anything stop me just cz I was a girl.
When you balanced it the right way between work home and two Really bad kids!
When you never once said…
“I am a human too…And I get tired as well.”
When I have gone infinite times peacefully to sleep..
Just cz my head had your lap beneath.
It was so secure…
When I have said…I cannot do it..
And you answered-Ofcourse You will do it.!
Those times that you have cleaned my room…
Just to get one word of appreciation when I get back…
And those times when I forgot to mention that I noticed…
All those times Mama I wish I could get back…
All those times Mama…I wish I could say Thank You.
They say I am a big girl now…
I cook food,I make my own bed,Go to sleep all by myself.
I wash the dishes and iron the clothes
I work I live all Alone…
And when I come home..
I dont see You…And that’s when I remember..
How many times I forgot to say-Thank You.
For whosoever I am…And wherever I am.
A part of me…Is incomplete without you Mom…
I may be a big girl now…
But I will always be that Kid to you.

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