Missing in Me


The sun rises daily and waves at me,

Even the rain pours at me whenever it feels,
The night comes by like it used to be,
But still there is something that is missing in me….
I have the same soul that makes me-Me,
The eyes I am lucky,they still know how to see,
I breathe day in and day out fine,
My heart beats as usual,the brain works in line,
Yet there is something that isn’t there in me,
Yet there is something missing deep down in me….
I walk all alone and I reach where I should,
I look around things I have achieved and I could,
I have all that they ever wanted me to get,
But yet there is something thats missing in me….
When I look in the mirror I see the same me,
Glaring at me a question so deep,
I look at the eyes that have lost the art,
Of smiling and laughing,something they used to be,
The mirror is the same and the same is that me,
Yet there is something missing deep within me…
I am amongst all,I am the with the whole world,
World that pulls me in,something else that it wants me to be,
I still feel the same,its the same silent me,
Yet something is still missing in me…
I sit one day and I search all around,
I search for that nearest faintest sound,
That heart of mine that I fail to hear,
That heart of mine that makes me-Me….
I search within and there is what I see,
The heart I dont listen to,its painful plea,
And there I do find whats missing in me,
Its the will to breathe ,its the will to Be….
For all I have done,Is to please YOu and They,
For all I have lived is not at all for me,
And there I realise whats missing in me,
Its all That I am,Its all That I am meant to be….


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