The middle of the night is for those who cant sleep.
When You speak and God listens.
Midnight is for the ones Who will never be heard.
For the thoughts that will never be words.
Midnight is for the lost ones who seek a path.
Its for the ones who want to dream but dont dare to..
For mindnight will wake up into morning.
A harsh reality that no one wants.
Midnight is for the seconds to pass by as hours.
Where u breathe and clock strikes,yet time is still.
Its for the beloveds to mourn over.
Its for the ones who dared to love.
Midnight is not for those who sleep at peace.
Its for those who cannot close their hearts.
Its for those who bother and care.
For the world is a cruel place.
Midnight is all about guilt and tears.
Its about crimes that cannot be punished.
Its about the daydreaming and fantasicing.
For things that next day will nvr offer.
Midnight is where u and I dont sleep.
Its where you meet yourself and I find myself.
Midnight is no sleep.
Its all about blinking blankly to infinity.
Midnight is endless.
They say it will turn into a morning.
But midnight is what will come again…Tomorrow.

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  1. I never thought I could ever be presented with such a thoughtful perspective on something supposedly so trivial as ‘midnight’…

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