Love Me, But Not The Way Its Done

Love Romance

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Under the moon, like all those stories,
I want you too to confess your love,
I want as well to consume myself,
In the absinthe of love, the very essence of us.

I want too, that you love me the most,
I too want the promises of forever,
I expect too, for you to live with me,
I want too, to die for us.

But not with the love, that we all talk of,
No, I want something more than that.
Something that is little less, that what they do,
Something that is too much for you to go through.

I want you to love me beyond all,
The deepest of oceans, the highest of the skies,
I want you to love me across the stars,
I want you to love me till time flies.

I want us to discover, the deepest of ourselves,
I want us to hover in what we call each other’s mess,
I want you to know that I am not that beautiful as you think,
I want myself to see, where your darkness lies within.

I wish for us to feel all that happiness is,
I desire the greatest seconds, that we might never get.
I want the endless talks, that ‘Spark’ writes about,
I loathe for the infinity that would lie between the hours.

I want the love to remain, through space and time,
I want the lust to seep in our every confine,
I want it all to be a beautiful blessing,
I want the love to be love, or better be nothing.

But let me be clear what i don’t want,
for my love is something different, something not for all.
I want us to to there till the times allow,I
I want us to be there till merrier times are around.

I don’t want you to stay, when things start going wrong,
I don’t want you to blame, when we are no more what we sound,
When you start finding me, as the biggest misery,
When I start finding roads that take you away from me.

I don’t want us to cling, when we want that no more,
For love is a beautiful thing, I an’t let it be sore.
I want you to smile at me, when Love finally says goodbye,
I don’t want the tear play, for it was eventually a beautiful time.

I want you to know, that ‘That’ love is forever,
It is alive in the moments, that now are all shattered.
I want you to know, that you don’t judge us by now,
For every moment has a life, it also has to die.

Love me this way, unless forget me as a dream,
for my love will find its peak, and then downfall comes to me.
Love is not forever, you need to love for that time,
I want you to know this one thing before committing the biggest crime.

So come now, if you love me, let’s create our histories,
You find yourself in me, while I dive in your mysteries,
Love me for the time that you can create that love,
Love me for just those seconds, when all you had was pure love.

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