The Volatile We


Let’s be strangers, You and Me.
Let me not know what they call you as,
Do not ask me what my ID says,
For what does a name hold,
The God I pray or your years till date.

Let me not know much about you,
Talk to me instead of the seconds going,
Do not tell me of the past that is gone,
Let me not answer what my future holds,
For what stories has time to tell,
Except a few mistakes and blunders.

Let us just sit for a cup of coffee,
And let’s not talk of your favourite car,
No need to fret over my favourite colour.
And let’s just forget your favourite quote,
For I don’t want a picture like everyone else,
Let me be a new painting, the one never seen before.

Do not melt in me the melancholy of your heart,
For I have sorrows of my own,
Neither do I plan to smear envy on your face with my joys,
Keep your advices miles away from me,
Let our silence talk for us.

Don’t tell me stories of your successes,
Allow me to keep my failures hidden too,
Let the judgement sit at the backseat,
And let this drive be to expanses unknown.

Take me to places that don’t know you,
Let the universe be a conduit to all things new,
Fly with me to the realms never seen before,
Just let all be completely new.

Talk to me about the girl you just looked at,
Let me laugh on someone else’s joke,
Keep your darkest secrets open on the table,
Call back demon in me, let it get back to its own.

Let this not be about pretence,
Do not let me read through your eyes,
Make it a one and only,
For I don’t want it to survive for life.

Let there be a void, between the eclectic,
That breathes between you and me.
Where the first time would be our last,
And Today would be the future, or maybe the past.

Don’t inform me where you live,
For I might drop one day there with wine,
Let this not be a long term passion,
Let it not end with love dying.

Let’s just take this just for this day,
Let us be the strangers for a night,
Forget who I was or who you will be tomorrow,
For the love blooms best when in a moment undefined.

I don’t want a one time fling,
For I see infinite, when your eyes meet mine,
Let this just be about you and me,
For love is nothing, but our moment at our time.

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  1. “Don’t tell me stories of your successes,
    Allow me to keep my failures hidden too,” this and many more lines! Loved it. Keep writing good stuff girl 🙂

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