Lost Things

lost things

Recently I have joined my new Job in an MNC.It has been my first job.When I got my  first salary there were inummerable things I had thought of buying for myself.There could be new clothes or accessories,A watch maybe.And then one day I found what was best suited.There behind those crystal clear mirrors underneath the yellow bright focussing lights I saw the best wallet ever.Made of fine leather,It was bright  yellow with beautiful flowers cut in between.It was perfect,Exactly as I would have wanted it to be.And it sufficed to be the perfect gift for the occasion.When I bought it,I was proud to have it.It was beautiful.The next day I started carrying it in my bag to my work.

The day it was stolen from the bus,I had exactly three thousand bucks in it.I had to pay the bills when I reached back home.But when I did get back,my wallet was no more there.All the credit cards had to be blocked at the last moment.My license went away too.But what hurt the most was the loss of that very brand new wallet.Everytime I had opened it,I felt a surge of pride inside me.It had been my first purchase out of the money I had earned doing work I didn’t enjoy at all.

That night I cried like I had lost someone to death.Not that I am a materialistc person,I love things that I have as much as I love people in my life.It was not the loss of money or some cards that I was hurt about.It was about losing something that had a valuable story with it.It took me some days to replace the wallet with another one.That wallet has made me write this today,an idea about how we loose things time to time in our lives and how after sometime we do get over them and find new replacements.That night I went all over the things that I had lost and one day forgotten them just like that.Time heals things.

I was just five years old when my grandma had asked me what I wanted to get this year for my birthday present.I had very excitedly shown her a pencil-box that adored one of the shelves of a book shop.It was in the shape of a car made of various drawers that opened just with levers inside them.It was one of the most innovative things I had seen at that time.Everytime I passed by that shop I yearned to get the kit out of the showcase,put it in my bag and take it to school.And I finally did get it on my birthday.I didn’t take it out of my cupboard for months fearing I will loose it.Everyday I would come running from my school and open the locker right away without even caring to take my bag off,and check if my beautiful pencil-box was still there.It smiled right back at me.
One fine day I did get the nerves to take it out of its little cocoon and put it in my bag.Although we were not allowed to get such fancy items in class,Kids loved it at school.A very notorious one sitting right next to me loved it even more.When I came back from my lunch break,I didn’t find my pencil-box there.But I did find it in that kid’s bag.It stared right back at me.And when with tearful eyes I asked him to give it back he said it was His.I couldn’t complain to the teacher in the fear of being punished to get it at school or even more being beaten up by the boy later.I wasa timid little girl and didn’t have the courage to fight him.From that very day till one full year I saw my beautiful pencil-box everyday,every single day on the bench right next to mine.I had lost one beautiful thing and I cursed myself for bringing it at school that day. It was safe in the cupboard.
And then one day I forgot all about it until today.Many more pencil-boxes replaced that one beautiful car with the drawers.

My father had won a beautiful gold plated Titan watch in a caption contest that was organised by a well known magazine.He had won the First prize.Since years we saw him open up his locker and proudly show that beautiful Golden watch to his kith and kins,the same story and Caption being repeated all over.He was praised for his talent and he would look at the watch with beaming eyes,softly close its case and put it back.He never could wear it,again fearing that he would loose such an expensive thing.Until one day it got stolen by a maid and could never be retrieved.The maid went away,and so did the watch.It never came back.
It took him a while to get over it and now the incident is not even mentioned.As if the watch never existed.Many beautiful ones adorn his wrist now and then.But they were mere exchange of currency,not a Prize for his Caption.
How many times have we lost things and then one day suddenly found them lying here and there.When we lost them,we freaked out and tried finding them here and there for days.An old clip that adorned your hair for years at parties,a comb that always was there in the bag,money that you thought might have fallen somewhere but it was there in the back pocket of your jeans,and some old friend who gave you beautiful days to look at suddenly met you on the road with his kids and wife!!!
When these things went away,we felt grief,restlessness and for days they didn’t go out of our minds.I sometimes dream about places where I could possible have kept my favourite silver watch.And when next day I did go and look for it,it still wasn’t there.How can it be….It was meant to go.Its time span in my life has been over.Its time to say goodbye to atleast the grief of losing it.
And then one day you forget all about the things you were unable to find.A new watch comes,new Friends are made and so on.Replacements come and sometimes they are better than the things that were lost.  Ofcourse we will never get the ones exactly like them,but anyway they are lost.Until one day some of us do find them back,and there we realise that we were just doing fine without them.
So,that day I did lose my wallet but with that I  realised this one big thing-That losing things we are so attached to is often inevitable.As much as we try to keep them safe with us,close to ourselves,love them and be addicted to them sometimes,We will lose them one day.We will lose them to gain something better than that and sometimes that better is the realisation of this truth that I am writing about.
The Lost things will never come back and they were meant to be Lost.
And we are still alive without them.

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