It had been one of those terrible days-A day where everything from the start was going wrong.I had ended up waking up late,broken a glass,hurt myself,had a fight at home and been late at work too.It had been difficult there too.I had spent nights understanding stuff and making a presentation on stuff that didn’t even matter to me.Nights where I could have been sleeping,I had spent them on this one big assignment that decided what Impression I would be having on my trainer.That one person had the power to put me into a project.Any project would do for it is a rat race.It always has been.They would take me if I would do this one right.Even when both things had nothing in common.
I wanted it to go good.Even when It wont make a difference to me if I didn’t land up in the job.But for people’s sake I wanted it to be good.And ofcourse it wasn’t even acknoweldged.Not a single word of appreciation.I had landed up sitting alone thinking about stuff I just couldn’t figure out.I had nobody at that moment who could take me out of this agony-of not having the courage of doing what I always wanted to do.I didn’t have the nerves to take risks in my life.Like all the other people I wanted it simple,Doing things that could promise me regular incomes and a normal life,where there would be no bumps.I could be settled.A tear rolled down for how much cost do we pay,To live that simple life.It occurred to me that life was not that easy.It was very complicated and I wasn’t living it the way it should be.I was at the Wrong place.I wasn’t happy.
Right then being completely dejected I looked around.There in his tattered clothes,barefoot I saw this small cute boy- a ragpicker.He was busy doing what he was there for-sorting garbage.Ofcourse that was also the wrong place for him.I thought to myself.And I heard my voice calling him.
“Would You have an ice cream with me?”
And there was a smile that could light up the whole world.It was as if the whole world bloomed in front of me with that one smile. As if that one ice cream had never mattered that much to anybody as much as it mattered to this boy.The next one hour he sat there besides  me and had two ice creams in utter silence. He needed to enjoy every moment of it.
And in that one hour I saw him making me really happy.I forgot issues I was trying to sort out. The solution was nowhere.I still am in that same place. But everytime I look back I realise how truly happy I was to have bought that one smile,of being capable of that.

Has it ever happened that suddenly Life doesn’t seem beautiful? You wake up mornings and you are not happy that You have been alive throughout. Sometimes you are lost on purpose. As if you are drowning amidst a huge ocean looking for some sort of light, so that You can swim upto it. We end up finding our own lighthouses.
During the times like these all we want is somebody or something to pull us out of our own frustrations, demons that haunt us within ourselves. It could be anything-Death of a loved one, separation from somebody who we thought was our life, frustration from our workplace maybe. We might be trying to figure out changes in our lives that we don’t want to happen or try coping up with things that should have happened but didn’t. There are innumerable issues everyday that we keep on handling and one day it is just so out of control. Life looses its meaning and we find ourselves programmed, driven by forces we aren’t even aware of.
These are the moments of utter doom,loss of faith.Times where nobody can find us our path to light.Times when everything seems so out of our reach,We may stop enjoying almost everything.Some of us may end up reading articles telling us how to find Happiness-as if it is that easy to achieve.
Inner peace-We all starve for that at some point of our lives.There is no such solution.There isnt any solution-Atleast that’s what we feel.
But there is one.
A power that heals things just as easily as it can be.Heal others.Heal all those broken wailing hearts around you until you forget why your own wails.Thats the only way to find that deep long lost peace of mind.At some point we have to be nothing but those small lighthouses that can show somebody else their long lost path.That light that we have and we are unable to focus for ourselves is sometimes for somebdoy else who is trying to be saved.
Save people from the ghosts that haunt them-and you can forget your own hauntedness.Help-it can be in the form of moral counselling or doing something for somebody that he or she may not have been able to do,complete somebody else’s dreams if yours aren’t being fulfilled at this very moment.
We all posses in ourselves pools of love and positive energy.We sometimes are exhausted because of our own emotions and hurt that we are unable to put it out and solve our own issues.But using that love and compassion for those around us actually makes us feel better and healthy mentally.

If we look around ourselves,and look very carefully,,we are not alone in our ocean of distress.There will be many floating around trying to find their own abodes.
Why can’t we forget at that very moment our own sadness and just for a second put our hearts into those around us.
Who knows that it leads you to your own destination.
Life is all about being there for somebody.And one day the same reverts back to you.One day out of nowhere amidst your solitary moments somebody turns out to you and drives you out of your mental arrest.
Its not just about finding a lighthouse.
Its also about being a Lighthouse for somebody.

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