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For those of us who are nerds,extremely technical minded,Highly skilled coders,professionals,IT aspirants or currently working in IT and are in love with it,This is Not the right article for you.!Please go back and Code or solve tickets or take calls or make calls!!!
This is not against the IT world,Its just about how I found it and felt it to be.So no offenses.And even if somebody has,I never compelled anybody to Read further!!!
I clearly remember the date of joining,It  was the day when I thought maybe I had achieved something.The first thing IT and MNC’s do to you is-You start liking the aura of it at first-Big buildings, lot of computers,air conditioners, Pantries for unlimited coffee and tea(You later understand that it is actually to keep you off from dozing off!),Programmed elevators and alot of security!It feels as if you are no more in the country U live in!!When I entered from the extremely jammed dirty roads of Mumbai,the campus seemed to be some heavenly garden where evrything was systemised and clean.But the life you have to live is within the scope of your cubicle that has one big PC staring impeccably at you.It has nothing to do with the beauty and landscape provided to you outside those glass windows.Most of the times you are nowhere close to a window as well. Ofcourse the cubicles are well furnished and keep your pride sated.Your name glows loudly at you as if you are an IAS officer (which you’re not!! ).
I think half of this world exists in a pride that is so fraudulent to the self. We all sit in well conditioned rooms yet work like dogs.But self esteem here nobody possesses.You can say anything to anybody and nobody would dare be rude to you,cz they know one big rule!!!They might need you.And they call it Being professionals.
Everybody talks nicely to everybody yet your worst enemy is-Everybody around you.Don’t you ever think that the girl who smiles at you everyday is your Friend.That the guy who sits next to you  everyday and has crunchies with you will one day think of your good. This place teaches you that ‘Friend’ and ‘colleague’ are not synonymns.
You tell one person something and it’s broadcasted the next day.Human emotions are a complete NO NO.They proudly say-You are meant for corporate world if you learn it the hard way!!I refuse to be that political,inhuman to be one of them.
The most hilarious thing that happens is-You are not supposed to tell anybody this or that.Anything you say can be turned agaisnt you the other day.
You’re marrying?No you are’nt supposed to tell anybody!Who knows one of them might even take your groom away!!
You got selected in a PG college?Dont’tell anybody.You are getting a promotion?No don’t tell anyone!!Please!!
You’re going on a leave?Dont mention it to anybody.One of the most sad things that once happened was-“You took a sick leave?Well who actually falls sick!”
If you were just having a look at your resume?Your neighbour shouts-Are you looking for another job?If you have resigned?They will try their best you don’t get out.
And yet,evrybody knows who applied where,who got married or is about to,who is studying what!!!Secrets are the first thing that go public here!
When you take a round,Just go get a look at what people actually do.I dont think human biology allows a normal person to keep staring at the screens for full 9 hours.!So you peep through-screens with Times Of India,Emails,Communicator chats and other commercial sites will beem at you.Maybe three or four would be having codes that make you vomit out!atleast me!But they love their work.
While I had a chance to work their,i realised there is not as much work as it seems to be.In the current day scenerio the number of employees in an MNC are far more than required.Also,Since the freshers are available on a very cheap cost(Thanks to our level of confidence that we say Yes to almost anything!),Most of the times the work that is of a level higher than that of a fresher is imposed on them.
There may be chances that Your domain completely changes.They would mould you the way they want you.Its like labour to them.You had a dream of learning java or even  better you are good at java?No ways,You have to do “.Net” cz thats what we want.And there your whole resume changes according to them.
Many times we are driven by the passion to learn.They sometimes take an undue advantage of that.They would keep throwing you into different sorts of things and You end up knowing many things yet nothing that you are an expert in.Its better to be good at one thing rather being nothing at everything. But if you have a problem with this style of working they have an enchanting mantra to throw at you-“Thats the IT world baby!”
I have a lot of cousins who are a successfully embedded into the IT world.They are driven by the force to work and somewhere were an inspiration for me.But every personality is not fit for this world.
Although there is no doubt in the type of grooming that this field provides you with.You become a completely new person,with new born confidence,Sometimes arrogance out of the lifestyle.There is a profound change that you feel and it is definitely helpful in the longer run.
You learn how it is a cut throat business if you have to reach to the heights.
If I have to sum up my experience over here,I may not include much of the technical stuff unless you are right out for all your life over here,But i will defintely acknowledge how this place made me a much stronger person than I was.It makes you learn handling things all by yourself and more than that,It takes out of you the dependancy that you have on people both emotionally and socially.
You get to meet so many people and yet nobody is yours.In the end you learn it  the hard way.
But for me,Life gives you plenty of experiences to learn the hard way,And if anywhere your heart tells you-IT is not for me,Dont jump in.
Or even if you do,keep your heart alive to come out of it,The day it burns you out.
I am extremely thankful to this world for its noise and interferences made me hear my hearts voice that this wasn’t what i am good at.
Days of blogging through my job hours made me realise my dream day in and day out,and For that I am thankful to this world.
No regrets IT. You are the reason I am writing this.

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  1. You revealed everything about IT world :/
    And you have such amazing writing skills….best wishes for your future…

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