Is She Safe??

With Last new year being filled up with echoes of Nirbhaya’s cries and screams,This new year still remains the same.
For the world outside it may be a year ahead…A new year.The representative of time..that it goes on and brings progress and development.Yet to me It seems my country is nowhere into a mood to bring in joys and usher in a happy change.We still stand at the same place.A purely stagnant society.With zero change and an even more remorseful start to this virtual beginning we celebrate.
With a 16-year-old girl, who sets herself afire after she was gangraped, succumbed to the burn injuries in a Kolkata with no police and law coming to her rescue,it is a shame that we call it a new year. It feels as if the country has made it a ritual to offer poor souls now and then and recite the name of Progress and development and call ourselves as a ‘Developing Nation’.
Now and then it has become a part and parcel of life to hear and read of ‘Rape’ victims dying here and there in different parts of the country.Every news channel flashes a Rape news now and then with even the smallest of kids knowing what is happening in the country.It has become this common that maybe the word has lost the trauma and torture that it used to carry some years before that anybody in the country can take this act for granted.
The case of Kolkata gangrape where a girl is allegedly raped and upon coming out of the police station after filing a case,raped once again puts a direct question mark on how seriously the law and security of the country is taken by the very citizens of the country.It shows as to how for granted we take the law itself that nobody is scared of the consequences and commiting such a crime has almost become a habit for the very people girls coexist with.
And even worse the rape victim is left with no option than to kill herself after the consistent threats from the perpetrators and the shameless taunts from the neighbourhood.It reflects as to how actually narrow minded we still remain.
From the very many cases that don’t even reach the media these ones surely show us the mirror and we have no other option than to call ourselves an extremely ugly and degenerative society. There can be no good rehab than this country itself where we invite criminals everyday to come and practice their crime openly so that we can aplaud and keep the news alive.We give them their stage,we give them the poise to do anything and everything.
In the end its She who suffers,She who is no allowed to remain outside late because men who were once her guards have chosen to undress her anywhere they like.
Its She who is not sent out to work and live her dreams because her parents aren’t sure if she would come back with her dignity at night.
Its she who is restricted at every stage to not live her life on open terms because we fail to teach our sons the most important lesson of their life-to respect their very creator.
In the end its She who has no other option than to live scared of eve teasing or even of getting raped.
She is the sole victim.
With the present scenerio where we are trying our level best to curb the social Satans like female foeticide,Why should we tell a mother to give birth to a girl child when she clearly knows this death in the womb is much better than the life she has to live in this nation.Why would a Mother think of letting her daughter survive and fight?….when there is just no chance that people outside will even let her take one step without a regret.
She is safe being unborn…..She is clearly safe that way.
Bieng a girl I cannot imagine a single girl in this country who doesn’t have her own experiences of being physically harrased some way or the other.We step outside and our mothers fill us with lectures,and we have nothing but speeches on gender equality.Deep inside we are scared too.
This is the truth that needs to be changed into a lie.Its a challenge that needs to be turned into reality.
She needs a society of respect and security.We being a secular nation are considered to be one of the most religious people…We have a wide number of Goddesses we pray to and follow.Yet the real Devis of India are the most endangered and vulnerable.And the devils stay out and walk on the roads as animals ready to tear apart their souls.
Its a great shame that She is given no choice than to get killed or kill herself,,,,and they are still alive with Cases that will never bring her back to life.

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