God’s Favourite Child

Today I look at the sky, charming and dark ,
I look at the ocean with that eloquent spark,
amidst that sea I look at the bird,
that just flew above through the absurd,
I look up above at the big faint star…
That one right in the corner so far, And I see how,
The bird has a dream to fly across the world so high.

I want to be as high as the bird could go,
I want to see the skies beneath my feet they go,
I want to rise as high as the sunshine can,
I want to see the hieghts that the world withstands
Yes I want to be at the top where nobody is,
And I want to still be there where they call is bliss.

I want to breathe peace that they all talk about,
I want to hear that ‘nothing’ where nobody shouts,
Up there where they say ‘God’ dwells,
Up where they say life he gives,
I want to visit him there and sit with him,
I want to see him there and talk to him.

I would ask him why he sent me here,
There where nobody actually cares,
There where nobdy has time to give,
To what they have too much and some strive to fetch,
Down beneath where they see him in the stones,
Down where they are deaf to pleads and moans.

It’s a world of pain, give and take,
it’s a world of people downtrodden and fake,
I ask him why as to why am I there,
To which He tells me child come here..
In his arms I sit like a kid astray
I feel so secure for the moment on that day.


God looks in to my tears and there he starts,
“I made you out of the absinthe and beautiful flowers,
I made you out of the water that flows so pure,
And out of the wind that flows and glows,
Out of the earth that makes u stand,
out of the fire that burns on that land.

I made you each to look after those others That I have sent,
for you all are the ‘favourite one’ I had,
in times that were so hard It was you who didn’t bend.
I made you for you were the strength when others fell down,
I made you because you smiled when others frown.

I sent you to help those who now forget,
That I send the sunshines and times when the sun sets,
Cz It was you who has always looked up at me,
not only in tears but the smiles given to thee,
I sent you cz you are so Dear to me,
I sent you coz you are much more than you can see.

With those tears gone he sends me back here,
Right where I sit with my shining glare,
I still look at the Bird that’s back near me,
I still look at the sky, Nowhere the stars I see.
For now its the morning and the night’s gone,
and I know my purpose as to why was I born.

I know that I am his favourite child.
I know that I am his flower growing all alone in the wild.

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