Do you Love the work you do???

Do you Love the work you do???
My certificates beemed at me as I sat for the last company that had come to hire us. Being from an electronics stream,There were not many electronics companies coming for On campus Placements and since I have been educated in India,We are one lot of very cooperative people.We are taught to be happy in whatever comes our way and so I had ended up sitting for an interview in an IT company.
Of course sometimes financial security matters too. After all we are all meant to have jobs…
So i went for an interview for a job,I had no clue about.I had no clue what the Company does.It must have been a big company for hiring so many of us.When it hired me,I felt the company to be some sort of God for me.For it had taken me,of all the fools.So maybe I was lesser a fool in the rat race.!!!If I look back to that day,which was exactly two years back from now,I  ask myself a question.Why was I happy that day?
Because of all the children here in our system,half of our life goes in proving that We can make it.That we can get Point 9-Why?Because all of them were getting it.We can get a good non medical college or a Medical college-Why?because all of them are doing it.And eventually we can all get an IT Company(I don’t know about the doctors!!!)-Why?Because all of them were going for it.!!!!And that is why I was happy…I had done something That all of them could do or were trying to do!!!
So who decided how we prove ourselves?Them…Now who are these  “Them”?Please if you find them kill them.
There are exactly infinite number of people out of an Infinite sample space who are very much acquainted with the statement-“I am not happy with my job!!” or even worse-“Hey,Do you like your job?” and you get an answer-“Who wants to work here,its just that there is no other option!!”.
Out of all the people that I could question this-I got very few who gave me a Passionate yes!!Well,to those who love their work,You are living the best of you life!!
Now when I go over thinking about why does this happen,What makes us enter jobs we aren’t even happy with?It usually sends me in a state of great distress.But Here I would like to talk to all of you,My dear readers seeking for an answer or maybe trying to provide one.
It all goes back to our respective childhood.Do each of us remember how we all were asked one basic question when we were kindergarten kids???Well  not “Konsi class men padhte ho!!!”.
It was-“Bade ho kr kya banoge??” or those beautiful english classes where we got to right an essay on -My ambition or What I want to be when I grow up!!!
How nicely did we on papers and words announce the world of our interests and dreams!!We could boastfully say-I want to be a Pilot!!I want to be a teacher!Well!!I want to be a Singer and the list could go on!!!That time we could dream and feel happy and everybody clapped and smiled encouragingly at our ambitions.!!!But then how many of us are exactly what we once wrote an essay on?No,many of us got streamed into three basic queues-Medical,Non medical and Arts.
Where did the dreams go….They vanished with the pre-concieved notions and judgements of people.The same THEY who always screw up for us.The THEY who became more important than that essay we wrote.How do I remember teachers insulting a Non medical class bluntly by calling them as an ARTS batch just because they weren’t studying. Lets just all face the truth that the public has different facial expressions that vary accordingly as to which stream you belong to!!And how at marriages it became  a moment of pride when you told you were doing Medical and how question were not asked when You answered ARTS!!!
This all  eventually made us  forget all that we wanted to be.
It is not unusual that we don’t get that much appreciation for getting into a singing academy as much as we get for bagging a seat in an engineering college. We as people see marriage as the only Planned option for girls going to Arts colleges.Who knows one of them is aspiring to go for a Bestseller in the country.Even our parents are happy with sports and other extra curricular activities being just a hobby.!!But the day their kid tells them he or she wants to be a professional player or have a career in that same very line,We get a direct No or a dull response. We already know what the answers would be-“They were destined to become stars…That doesn’t mean you will become too!” or “This television has made you insane.”, “Writing articles wont feed you”…
And this is how we land up in the usual jobs that provide us with a decent salary and give us a well planned schedule that is no different than others.Even worse,We forget what we were meant for,and willingly or unwillingly do things and work that others want from us.
Some of us would reach the top and regret one day, not doing things they wanted to do,Others may end up in depression for being unhappy at their place of work.
The place where we work is one of the most important part of our lives these days.We are in an era where let me be true,money has become everything.Jobs take most of the 24hours that are given to us.And so it becomes even more important that those hours do not make life too stressful for us.Stress at job or workplace is good upto some extent but can be mentally and physically fatal too.It is very important that you enjoy the work that you do.When your heart loves the work that brings you bread and butter,work-hours are no longer defined.But if you are not enjoying the work,The morning itself starts with the wait for the end of the day.
Its almost normal for people to love the weekend because that gives them an  off,an escape from their work.But ask those who get up every weekday loving the fact that they have work,acknowledging the challenges it provides them everyday and being grateful that it is helping them be better at it each day.There are the workaholics who would not mind coming home and working back again on it.The people who are eventually doing what all they wanted to do ,  live life with lesser stresses and do not pay the cost mentally.
When we look at the celebrities,the sports personalities and people who are known for the work they do,We ignore the one fact that has given them so much.They chased their dreams.They paid the cost for  being unemployed for number of days to say Yes to the one type of work that defined them.The satisfaction of doing what you always wanted to do is more than anything and pacifies the soul.And as is said-When you follow your dreams,Fame and everything else chases you as well.
It is a blunder to fall into things you don’t enjoy or you are not even meant for.It will eventually lead us nowhere.All it would give us is anxiety and stress that would further deteriorate our health as well as our productivity at work.We may land up in a job that pays us and makes us financially secure,But eventually it is all going to be complicated.When you enjoy the work you do,You have all the zeal and zest to work day in and day out and learn more about it.
Now what is it that we can do about this?First of all follow your dreams.No matter how much THEY tell you its not what you should do,But Your dreams are the first thing you must chase.
Have faith in yourself.God gives us all a gift and talent,something that we are good at.And we all have an instinct that reflects us since our childhood.It is our very own responsibility to cUSA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Young woman working in office. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.hase that and let that make our lives easy for us.
The struggle that you put in for the work that makes you happy never appears painful no matter what.It brings in extreme satisfaction to sleep after a long day at work accomplishing your dreams everyday.
Lets be the generation that doesn’t become cheap labour for call centers and MNC’s.Lets not be that easy for them to hire for petty jobs and cry day in and day out.Its time to come out of the job that doesn’t even pay your rent or makes you stay away from home and gives you nothing in return.Lets just stop them from defining what would our source of income be.Dream and let them take you to places that you haven’t even imagined of.Lets all follow our dream jobs,even stay at home and ignore their judgements until we are sure that this is what I want to be.Lets be a little bit rigid in our choices and options and not be that flexible that anyone can come up and shape our resumes.
The day we do what we love to do,We will work for it and be good at it.There will be no need to apply for openings.There will just be confident resumes asking for a good opportunity.
Lets just not be the beggars….Its too much now.
Lets be the guardians and proud parents of future who would not scare the kids to live their dreams.
Lets follow ours,So that they may follow theirs.

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