Do we deserve to Vote?

Hindustan is derived from the Modern persian word Hindu. In Old Persian, the region beyond the Indus River was referred to as Hindu (the Iranian equivalent of Sanskrit word-Sindhu, hence Modern Persian Hind, Hindu. This combined with the Iranian suffix -Stan results in Hindustan.
In its current usage in India, the term ‘Hindustani’ or in current language an ‘Indian’ refers to an Indian, irrespective of religious affiliation.

I had to go back to google and ask what Hindustan actually meant to finally realise that it had more in itself than just “The land of Hindus” as said to me by a very learned and educated acquaintance. The person had a very common definition in mind that being an inhabitant of Hindustan it was the foremost priority of the incoming government in the coming months to make it sure that the very first inhabitants of Hindustan were to be taken care of,as said-“Hindustan men hi hinduon ki yeh dasha hai”.

I today here do not have any offence to any religion or their religious principles.Although I was prompted to write here for the sake of my own solace that We- the young Doctors,Engineers,business people and every other educated clan that we have chosen to be a part of,who have fortunately attained the age of 18 and by the consent of Indian law,are capable of electing our representatives,are still now aware of this huge duty that we have been entailed to.
The main question i ask myself is,If given a chance to decide who will run our families,will we be this ignorant to choose the head?or we would go to every notch and corner of their feild of work to decide who heads us?
Similarly when it comes to electing the Prime Minister of our beautiful country is it right to have decided who we will vote based on the comments and inclinition our Father’s have while we sit in front of the TV eating our dinner looking at him and our family and choose who they choose.!!!!!!!!!
We are how our family raises us. It is by nature that we as children will imbibe the values that we have seen growing up in our families.It is but natural to have the same notions and thought which our nearest environment has.In the same way it is evident that we as citizens will grow up with the same notion and principles as will be advocated by the ruler of our bigger family-India.
Today when we have the opportunity to elect our leader to take us to a brighter future,We need to be very sure and right in terms of what do we really want in our leader.
Is it about a leader who will make new room for the people of my religion in my country?Or is it about a leader who will bring in more prosperity to my clan of community?Am i a muslim,a sikh,or a hindu when I am electing my leader?Is it all about who killed my people and who did not?Or is it about reservations?No.
Talking about being a secular state are we really secular at heart?No.
Its all about a leader who makes me live in my country peacefully as an Indian.
If we think about it,most of the people would chose their electives based on who favoured their community better.And this is the bitter fact and the reason where no matter how many Kejriwals or Modi’s come and go,we will always remain hundred steps behind those we want to win over.
Its been a long time We have heard our elders speak of religions and communities. We as students know and have realised at every stage till now that it is much above all this.Running a country is much above the fact that who follows which God.
At present It is about the unclean roads,The incomplete bridges and buildings,corruption and much more.
Its about our safety on roads and about ever growing prices of those basic commodities every common man is fighting for .Its about our law and order.Its about poverty.Its about millions of kids who dont have schools and about graduates who dont have jobs.
When a girl is raped its not about which religion she was from.When an innocent man is murdered he is a citizen of India first.When hundred of people are killed in terrorist attacks its not at all about communities.Its all about our country.And we need to change it and elect somebody who is ready to accept these questions and answer them one by one.
The developed countries that we talk about and dream of fleeing to,leaving India behind,they have reached to the space,researches that we cannot dream of. In technology and their respective economies they are hundreds of miles ahead of us.And we here are still in that same pool of communities and religions.We are here fighting over Gods and expect ourselves to be one day equal to those countries who are socially together and have time for bigger logical issues than this.
I am not a supporter or a critic of any leader anybody of us will choose.We are educated people and we have brains.
But before casting your say,Do ask yourselves-Do we deserve to vote?Are we really that wise to elect one who we choose to be wise enough to take us to a new morning?Have we checked upon who the person is and what his principles in reality are?
Be an aware citizen and an Indian first.Only then vote for India.Your India.Our India.

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