Daddy’s Daughter



She was the first one to make him ‘Daddy’,

His daughter,petite and frail,
Little did she know the world outside,
Was not happy for her to breathe her part of the air,
She had no whims, all bliss,
For she was the child to her mother,
What if, Daddy didn’t come to see her,
She knew, a part of his, that she was.
Nobody came to spend on those sweets,
There were hushed voices, that she was born
Nobody came with the balloons and frills,
they were silent, crying about their old days, torn
She still was the same baby, crying and cuddling,
Going back to sleep, in her mother’s arms,
for she was her daddy’s daughter, mama said.
no matter what would come, she knew she will be strong
Days went by, she grew to be the flower,
The air breathed of her essence, that daddy sniffed and moved away.
But she didn’t deter, for she was her daddy’s daughter,
His power, His existence , the Daddy that never took her along.
Her brothers did come, so did the sweets,
She took care of them, like sons, a mother in her breathes,
For she was her daddy’s daughter,
She was a woman, god’s first chosen.
She was her daddy’s daughter,
How she yearned for him, to hug her and bless her,
With the same fearless dignity, that pride that he held,
They were the pampered ones.
She was just her daddy’s daughter.
She still did fly, to become like them,
The ones who promised her daddy, they would be his old age,
She did soar high, as much as they would,
For she was her daddy’s daughter,
How much she wished, she was the son.
She loved her daddy with all her might,
Never thinking once, what she may get or not,
She still found him the Knight of her fears,
The sky of her dreams, the love of her life.
With pearls and gold, silvers in the cold.
They waved her off, with the best soul in the world,
For she was her daddy’s daughter,
and His princess, to many as he told.
She lives her life, the beautiful wife,
the mother of her sons, daughter there is none,
for she was her daddy’s daughter,
she always wanted to be her daddy’s daughter.
She got all, nothing that was less,
she had the charms, the beauties, blessed.
But who would know, that all that is left,
is that she was just her daddy’s daughter.
nothing else…
All she wanted was to be her Daddy’s Daughter.


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