A Silent Rebel

Silent Rebel

The world remains the same,
Asking you each day how you are,
If alive, they buck you up,
If a sigh, pull you along.
If not the world, take it from me-
You are doing just fine.

When the city changes, the friends go away,
When the pedestrians are better,
than the ones you laughed with,
Struggling through the day, with strangest of souls,
I would say- you are doing just fine.

Battling the careers, identities lost,
You wake up each day, trusting the sunlight,
when they tell you to follow,
you ask no question, faith you take,
For the blind trust you hold,
I would say- you are doing just fine.

In the silent of places,you still look for love,
that took you so hard to earn, today it is lost,
you still wait for it to come, the one you kept aside,
for the world asked you to be for money,
not for her beauty, nor his touch of divine,
For the love that you let go, I would say-
you are doing just fine.

When you call back home, and cannot answer,
questions from your mother’s tears,
when father calls you, you cannot utter,
the moments of finding worth winning your fear,
for the silence that you keep,
I would say-you are doing just fine.

For the endless faith, you have in him.
For the clueless life you live within.
For each day and each bit of night,
for all the patch ups and infinte fights,
For the strength you grow, I would say-
You are doing just fine.

But what would you do all this way,
for life becomes mundane, this same old way,
There has to times when you laugh from the soul,
there have to be seconds of pure bliss within.
For all i can say is -You’re doing fine.
All I would say is-You’re doing fine.

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