Love Me, But Not The Way Its Done

Love Romance

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Under the moon, like all those stories, I want you too to confess your love, I want as well to consume myself, In the absinthe of love, the very essence of us. I want too, that you love me the most, I too want the promises of forever, I expect […]

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God’s Favourite Child

Today I look at the sky, charming and dark , I look at the ocean with that eloquent spark, amidst that sea I look at the bird, that just flew above through the absurd, I look up above at the big faint star… That one right in the corner so far, And I see how, The bird […]

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What would I say in my own Eulogy?


Just as I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I came across this weird question.What would You say in your own Eulogy? Well, the first time I heard the word ‘Eulogy’ was while reading ‘The fault in our stars’. Yes, even I like to dive in the endless pool of love and tears where […]

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You meet them,talk to them,work with them, Sometimes laugh in the parties together, Or cry in your miseries on their shoulders, They are there when times are good, They are around when god isn’t that happy, But not to soothe or make it go away, They are there to see you be. You go out […]

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