Do you Love the work you do???


Do you Love the work you do??? My certificates beemed at me as I sat for the last company that had come to hire us. Being from an electronics stream,There were not many electronics companies coming for On campus Placements and since I have been educated in India,We are one lot of very cooperative people.We […]

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Missing in Me


The sun rises daily and waves at me, Even the rain pours at me whenever it feels, The night comes by like it used to be, But still there is something that is missing in me…. I have the same soul that makes me-Me, The eyes I am lucky,they still know how to see, I […]

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IT through my Lens

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Disclaimer!!!! For those of us who are nerds,extremely technical minded,Highly skilled coders,professionals,IT aspirants or currently working in IT and are in love with it,This is Not the right article for you.!Please go back and Code or solve tickets or take calls or make calls!!! This is not against the IT world,Its just about how I […]

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Mom I’m You.

mothers love

When I came home,And I could see you there Still I cribbed For you madeĀ  Food I didn’t like. When I used to come after a day hanging out And telling you I was tired,You Would give me a cup of tea maybe, Not once telling me You were tired as well. When I had […]

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The Suitcase


Packed in red,With all my love,Tears and smiles, I am the suitcase that travels time with me. It takes me to hell,where I am all alone, It takes me away to places that are unknown…. I pack my stuff and here I am ready, experiences,knowledge,Art that travels with me, i am the suitcase that takes […]

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