What The City Of Dreams Taught Me


It’s been exactly two years… And I remember each and every day spent on this mass of land amidst the stinky sea! The career was sorted out, I didn’t come here to wander the streets for a job. That’s not my story. But this city has a separate struggle chapter planned for each and every […]

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The Volatile We


Let’s be strangers, You and Me. Let me not know what they call you as, Do not ask me what my ID says, For what does a name hold, The God I pray or your years till date. Let me not know much about you, Talk to me instead of the seconds going, Do not […]

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6 Months


She rushed to catch bus as she ignored the name that blared on her phone. Yes, he was calling her for the fifth time now, perhaps to make sure she was finally meeting him. She asked the driver if this went to the City Mall, and hastily jumped upon seeing a gloomy nod. She knew […]

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The Bookshop


The clock screams at me as I hurry up to publish an article that is already delayed by two hours. On top of it are the two minutes of waiting for the Uberpool that hound me, adding to my panic. Yes, two minutes hold much more importance than this unfinished article that looks at me […]

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Endless Apologies


Once upon a time that we fell in love, That time when fondness had just bloomed, My smiles made your day, You being around was the ‘miracle’, Can you be sorry for that time? What all would we apologise for, For the endless nights you listened to me, The ‘forever’ that we thought had just begun, […]

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Procrastinating Happiness


I had always been wondering what I would do with my first full fledged salary, once I get into the field of professional writing. I had been putting thoughts into the whole struggle being finally wrapped up in numbers. Had I always been this money minded? Perhaps No. Then from where had this all ‘X’ […]

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Love Me, But Not The Way Its Done

Love Romance

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Under the moon, like all those stories, I want you too to confess your love, I want as well to consume myself, In the absinthe of love, the very essence of us. I want too, that you love me the most, I too want the promises of forever, I expect […]

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God’s Favourite Child

Today I look at the sky, charming and dark , I look at the ocean with that eloquent spark, amidst that sea I look at the bird, that just flew above through the absurd, I look up above at the big faint star… That one right in the corner so far, And I see how, The bird […]

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What would I say in my own Eulogy?


Just as I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I came across this weird question.What would You say in your own Eulogy? Well, the first time I heard the word ‘Eulogy’ was while reading ‘The fault in our stars’. Yes, even I like to dive in the endless pool of love and tears where […]

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